S.I.T. Trinitarian International Solidarity Source: http://www.trinitari.org/Inglese/Sit/Presentazione.html

S.I.T. Trinitarian International Solidarity Source: http://www.trinitari.org/Inglese/Sit/Presentazione.html

In this open Family there is also a place for you. Together we can work together for the great cause of the Gospel in favor of those persecuted because of their faith.

The redemption of slaves is the work of mercy par excellence (Innocent III, 8-3-1199; Urban VIII, 25-9-1631), because in the slave Christ is met who is hungry and thirsty, naked and sick, a traveler and in prison (cf Mt 25,35-36).


The Order of the Most Holy Trinity, founded by St. John of Matha together with St. Felix of Valois, was approved by Pope Innocent III in 1198, has for eight centuries opted for those enslaved and the poor, in the name and for the glory of the Most Holy Trinity.

The Order was born at the time of the Crusades and has always fulfilled its mission choosing a way of peace. The Trinitarians have liberated hundreds of thousands of Christian and Muslim slaves. For centuries, the Trinitarian Order has been the human meeting place of the Church with the World of Islam.

Today, there are many cases of slavery, of persecution and oppression in the world, also because of faith. In a long list of countries, the Trinitarian mission is being realized.

We Trinitarians in these eight centuries of history, have sought to relieve the wound of slavery: Your Order has brought about the liberation of the oppressed and by the love for the poor showed the very mission of the Church in the world ((John Paul II, 7-6-1998).

The Order of the Most Holy Trinity, so old and so new (cf Paul VI, 9-1-1974), in collaboration with the entire Trinitarian Family, renews its commitment to its charism of redemption in fedelity to its origins. This Family present in 32 countries, numbers 600 religious, 300 nuns, 2500 sisters of various Institutes of Trinitarians of Valence, Savilli, Rome, Mallorca, Madrid, Valencia, and Oblates of the Secular Institute, 15,000 Trinitarian lay People of various Associations and a multitude of 250,000 Friends and Collaborators in the whole world.